UX Case Study

Banner UI

The challenge

When marketing clients request minor design revisions on digital marketing projects, it can lead to time-consuming back-and-forth communication with designers. 

Banner UI was developed to address this. It empowers designers to save their projects, styles, and elements so end-users like healthcare marketers can make content updates without compromising the original design. By streamlining the revision process and giving marketers autonomy, Banner UI enhances efficiency and reduces reliance on designers for minor edits, improving overall productivity for healthcare marketing companies.

The challenge: to create an intuitive interface that will make it easy for users to find, create, and update content.

Project goals

Create a user-friendly design tool for healthcare marketing companies to streamline the design revision process and enable independent content updates by end-users.
Reduce reliance on designers for minor edits, empower healthcare marketers with content management autonomy, and enhance overall efficiency in the design workflow.



User persona

Healthcare marketers and designers who will benefit from a collaborative platform that streamlines content management and design revisions.

Sara Miller
Marketing Manager
New York
6+ yrs experience

Sarah is a 32-year-old marketing manager working for a medium-sized healthcare marketing company. She has over six years of experience in the industry and is responsible for overseeing various digital marketing campaigns for healthcare clients.

A day in their life

.Sarah starts her day with team meetings to discuss ongoing marketing campaigns, review design progress, and allocate tasks to her team members and designers. They go through feedback from clients and make necessary adjustments to the marketing collateral.
.Throughout the day, Sarah uses the Banner UI tool to make content updates on various digital marketing projects. She edits text, images, and links to ensure that campaign materials align with clients' requirements and adhere to branding guidelines. The tool's version control feature helps her track changes and maintain consistency across design iterations.
.Sarah spends a portion of her day communicating with clients, providing updates on campaign progress, and sharing design previews through the Banner UI platform. The real-time preview feature allows her to show clients how their updated marketing materials will look before final approval, ensuring clear communication and addressing any concerns promptly.

Pain points

1. Time constraints: Tight deadlines for campaign launches and frequent content updates can lead to pressure and stress, affecting her team's productivity and creativity.

2. Design revisions: It’s challenging to efficiently manage design revisions and ensure that her team implements feedback accurately, leading to potential delays and iterations.

3. Communication bottlenecks: Miscommunication between her team and designers can cause misunderstandings, resulting in design inconsistencies and rework, impacting deadlines and client satisfaction.

User needs

Design locking
Content editing
Customizable templates
Integration capabilities
Export options
Layer merging

User challenges

User onboarding: Users may be confused during the initial onboarding process, especially if they are unfamiliar with design tools or have limited technical expertise.
Design consistency: Ensuring consistent design and keeping to brand guidelines can be a challenge for end-users who update content independently.
Time efficiency: Users need a tool that saves time by minimizing the back-and-forth for minor edits, so they can focus on other critical marketing tasks and increase productivity. 
Customization limitations: Users may be limited in the extent to which they can customize templates or design elements, restricting their ability to create unique content.


Competitive Analysis

Creatopy is a design collaboration platform that facilitates seamless content management and revision processes, aiming to empower designers and marketers with efficient tools for creating and updating digital marketing assets.

Multichannel Design Creation: Creatopy excels in supporting multichannel design needs, allowing users to create cohesive visual content across various platforms like social media, print, and web.
Efficient Collaboration: Creatopy enhances collaboration with features such as team sharing and commenting, streamlining the design review process and ensuring effective communication among team members.

Figma is a cloud-based design and prototyping tool that allows real-time collaboration, enabling designers to create, share, and iterate on designs seamlessly.

Real-Time Collaboration: Figma enables designers to collaborate in real-time on the same project, fostering seamless teamwork and eliminating version control issues.
Interactive Prototyping: The platform allows users to create interactive prototypes, providing a dynamic preview of how designs will function, facilitating user testing and refining the user experience.

Print UI is an innovative design tool built by Banner UI tailored for healthcare marketing companies, providing a collaborative platform where designers can lock specific design elements, empowering marketers to independently make content updates and streamline the design revision process for digital marketing projects.

Preset Layouts: offering a comprehensive array of design templates that empower users to effortlessly generate fully packaged outputs for various layouts, enhancing the efficiency of design workflows.
Element Locking: Banner UI allows designers to lock specific design elements, ensuring the integrity of the original design while permitting marketers to independently update other non-locked content.

Designer User Flows

Client User Flows

High Fidelity Prototype