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The iCount Method® is a unique comprehension-based math curriculum that uses strategies that explain the why and how of mathematics for grades pre1A through 5th. iCount sells its curriculum products through the Board of Ed.

On their old site, it was hard to see what they offered. And buying a curriculum was complicated. Schools would download the catalog and reach out to iCount, who sent forms to the Board of Ed, who reached out to the school with more forms to fill. Getting a curriculum was a whole painful process.

Solution 💥

A new gorgeous site has all the products listed and filtered by level and line for simplified, user-friendly browsing. On-site forms jumpstart and simplify the curriculum buying process.

The new site also features a portal where schools and teachers can access any curriculum they pay for and download sheets and extras.

60% less confused clients

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Code & Spade. The team is really patient and held my hand though the whole process, answering all my questions and explaining the strategy behind each part. I love the results – and so do my clients. Since Code & Spade redid my site, I saw a 60% decrease in confused client questions!”

Shoshie Cweiber, iCount Method

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