An online store
that sells.

Let your e-commerce website do the selling for you.

You know what your ecommerce website should be doing.
Making sales.

But, if your
loading is too long ⏳
navigation is too sparse or overwhelming 😩
filters don’t match search queries 🔎
shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for fast 😣
... you’re losing sales to your competition.
The facts — statistics, research, and geeky data — say so.

Give your biz a boost – in the form of a website that

makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for
loads faster than customers run out of patience
is seamlessly smooth and a pleasure to navigate
A site that delights customers and keeps them swiping.

Just like the sites we built for

Ready to take your piece of the
$469.2 billion* ecommerce pie?

*That’s the total revenue from US ecommerce sales in 2021, according to Statista.

Here’s how we get it done.

Here’s how we get it done.

Here’s how we get it done.


Through a detailed intake process, we get to know your business, your products, and the market norms.

In addition to the basics, we analyze the feedback you’ve received, competitors’ sites & sales techniques, and your customer service tickets.

We’ll also develop customer personas at this point, fictional characters who represent the different user types you’ll be catering to. These personas help all those involved in your marketing and sales process understand your users’ needs and help create the customer experience you’re after.



Building a site that sells starts with strategy.
We use the data we’ve compiled to make a plan for a site that works.
We’ll identify the exact placement of every button, which FAQs to answer, which filter options to include, and which menu items to list.



Once your wireframe is completed and approved, we’ll get started on the messaging guide – a brief put together based on the discovery process data. This step ensures that there were no miscommunications or misunderstandings earlier on in the process and keeps the full team on the same page throughout.

After the brief is approved, we’ll get started on your website’s copy – the strategy-based words that guide your visitors through the website and deliver the messaging that’s part of your brand makeup.

Clear, compelling, and on-brand. Every time.



Layout, colors, styles – every aspect of what your website looks like is worked on here. Your website’s design will be eye-pleasing & beautiful, and most importantly, will get your visitors to look where you want them to and draw them down the page.



Here’s where the wireframes & mockups turn into a website!
The development process is where the experience of the live site is created.
Every animation, scroll, and effect is crafted & developed here – leaving your visitors with a website they can’t wait to return to.



The developed website goes through a series of tests to make sure that every detail is in place and there are no unpleasant surprises once the site goes live.
Between our in-house tests and the external user testing process your site goes through, every pixel & element is covered.



We love this part – bringing the strategy into being and launching a site that rightfully takes its place in the economy lineup

And from your end?
Your shoppers' experience is silky-smooth with sleek development, quick site load times, super-intuitive navigation, & magnificent design that’s perfectly on-brand.

Voila! It’s an e-commerce sales machine.

“I would like to thank all Code & Spade team members for your amazing work to get our website developed, it's beautiful. We are really happy with your service, time and effort to get all the small details done and complete.” 

Yanky Solomon
Sales Manager, Prestige & Fancy

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