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Turn your idea into software and put your product in people’s pockets.

You need your software to be

easy to use 🏆
100% intuitive ⚡️
glitch and frustration free 👍
beautifully designed & built 🤩
You can’t afford not to invest in UX/UI.

It’s a tough tech world to break into, and it’s not getting any easier any time soon. With unlimited options for consumers to choose from, you need your product to be better.

You can’t afford to waste money on an end product that confuses customers, pushes prospects away, and sends business to the competition.

Build a product that

checks off the boxes on your customers’ wish lists
stands out in your industry niche
does all the jobs it’s supposed to do

… and is great for your bottom line.

Anatomy of an app

Here’s how we build yours:

Anatomy of an app

Here's how we build yours:


Through a detailed intake process, we get to know your business model, what your software will be offering, and the market norms.
In addition to the basics, we analyze market research you’ve already conducted and competitors’ platforms & sales techniques.

We’ll also develop customer personas at this point, fictional characters who represent the different user types you’ll be catering to. These personas help all those involved in your production process understand your users’ needs, and help in creating the customer experience you’re after.


User Flow Planning

Here’s where the initial layout planning happens.
Based on the research conducted, we’ll create an outline of the software that portrays how users will navigate the various pages, mapping out every flow that will be included.


Conceptual Modeling

Once the user flow is approved and finalized, we’ll generate sketches of every workflow & layout that will be part of the software.



Wireframes are 2D visual representations of the software interface, and here’s where you’ll see your software making its way from concept to reality.

Get ready to see all the details of design, layout, copy, and navigation.


User Testing

The final wireframes go through a series of user tests to make sure that every detail does what it’s supposed to do and creates the user experience your software will be known for. User feedback is implemented into the wireframe revisions until every detail is perfected.



Here’s where the wireframes & models turn into an app or software.
The development process is where the live experience is created.
Every animation, scroll, and effect is crafted & developed here – leaving your visitors with a software they’ll be raving about and one that does the job they need it to do.



We love this part :)

Your app or software is launched – and your users’ experience is silky-smooth with

  • sleek development
  • quick site load times
  • super-intuitive navigation
  • powerful UX copy & microcopy
  • magnificent design that’s perfectly on-brand.

It’s an app!

I worked with Esti and the Code & Spade team on numerous of my clients' software projects. Each time I was impressed again by her brilliance. She makes my work easier.

- Meilech Weider, Software Developer

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